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DOUBLES ROUND ROBINS & LEAGUES: Weekly Sign up & Interclub
All you have to do is play! Let us organize your tennis at the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre. We offer round robins for players at all ages and abilities. All of our round robins & leagues are based on Tennis Canada’s Play Tennis Self Rating Guide and have been geared to ensure each participant is competitive with each other to ensure a positive playing experience. Our round robins & leagues are organized by a Centre professional (league coordinator) and include court fees, balls and administrative fees. Only Members of the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre can participate in our round robin or leagues Team tryouts will take place to determine positions on our Calgary Interclub League teams.   
•Only members of the Tennis Centre are permitted to participate in our leagues.
•Registration for our leagues or round robins are made through our online portal You may register for your league or round robin with a Member Services Attendant or by contacting your league coordinator.
•Payments must be made prior to the start of each league/round robin week.
•League/round robin participants must notify the league coordinator a minimum of 48 hours prior to their respective league or round robin if they are not available to participate. The league coordinator will secure a replacement (spare) for the member. 
Spares must be at the same level of the league participant. If a spare cannot be found, the league coordinator will play in.
•Inter club participants must be committed for the entire league season to participate.
•Inter club participants must arrive on time for their league matches.
•In order to assure that everyone gets the best games possible, league or round robin participants must becompetitive with each other.
•Team tryouts will take place to determine the Tennis Centre’s Interclub League Team.
Each 2hr Doubles round robin includes 2 or 3 doubles rotations per league night. Your league coordinator will schedule league matches in advance and will be on hand to ensure your round robin runs smoothly. Please refer to our league information (above).
Adult Tennis Leagues - January, 2020

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